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Our southern recipe includes butter & cream cheese in the batter. This cake is flavored with notes of butter,carrots, pecan and vanilla and is the perfect ratio of dense and moist. It's a pound cake - the way it was intended to be. It's an 8-inch cake (cake mold design may differ from that of the photo) and serves 8-10 people, easily. Extra pecans do not come with the cake. This is for aesthetics only.

We bake using a standard Nordic brand cake pan that holds 10 cups of our pound cake batter weighing 2.8 pounds before we bake. Please note, some cakes will be wider in diameter than others because of the mold. However, all cakes weigh the exact same prior to baking.

The glaze comes on the side. We recommend heating in the microwave for 15 seconds for that "fresh out of the oven" taste.